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The Connecticut Collaborative is a coalition of organizations and individuals working at the intersection of the issues of poverty, criminal justice and race throughout the state. 


The Collaborative was formed in Hartford, Connecticut in early 2018 in order to encourage continuous dialogue and action that address structural inequities in our communities and in our criminal justice system until these inequities are addressed and removed. Hartford-based Everyday Democracy organized individuals and organizations throughout the state whose work or passions intersect, or touch in any way on the areas of poverty, criminal justice and race.  The Collaborative continues to grow through regular meetings with members and organizing future events.


In November 2018, the Collaborative launched during the inaugural A Time To Talk event, which took place at the Chrysalis Center.  The event featured Peter Edelman, American lawyer, policy maker, law professor, and author of Not a Crime to be Poor, who participated in a panel discussion and community dialogues. This day of dialogue represented a broad cross-section of Connecticut residents and included not only those who may have been justice-involved or justice-impacted, but also elected officials, community agencies, businesses, and support networks throughout the state -- all gathered to discuss and develop action steps toward correcting the inequities in the system.

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