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A TIME TO TALK 2019 | Dignity

Dignity in the court. Dignity in re-entry. Dignity for the family.

November 6, 2019, 1 PM- 6 pm

“We cannot be full, evolved human beings until we care about human rights and basic dignity.” - Bryan Stevenson, Equal Justice Initiative

Can you imagine a justice system where everyone is treated with dignity as their case is heard? A system that hears and respects the concerns of their families, and those re-entering society? Let’s talk about it.


The CT Collaborative on Poverty, Criminal Justice and Race joined by representatives from Equal Justice Initiative and the Thomas J. Dodd Research Center at UCONN to bring a discussion on the importance of dignity in our criminal justice system and exploring what action steps we can take to infuse dignity into the system and return it to the individuals and families affected. Please come to talk, learn and share innovative solutions.


The 2019 Planning Team

Alicia Alamo

Shelby Brown

Vivien Blackford

Victoria Christgau

Andrew Clark

Anderson Curtis

Amber Elliot

Stephen Fagbemi

Richard Frieder

Charmane Glass-Tripp

Sue Gunderman

Gus Marks-Hamilton

G. Duncan Harris

Sandy Heierbacher

Brittany Kane

Sandy Lominico

Brendan Lounsbury

Darryl McGraw

Nutan Mishra

Francine Nichols

Ashley Stewart

Kenyatta Thompson

Sagacity Walker

Michelle White


We are also grateful for our partners at the University of Connecticut:

Glenn Mitoma

Patricia O'Rourke

Nana Amos

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